When I started BW Construction, I had one driving force – don’t build a structure, craft a home. That has been my motto for over 13 years now. Rewind a few decades and I was just starting out as a framer, working part time in high school. From the inside out, I learned about the complexities of home building and the importance of foundations and structurally sound architectural designs. Homes are built from the ground up; you must pay as much attention to the initial phases of home construction as you do the finishing touches.

Today, BW Construction’s formula for success is deeply rooted in the motto that I internally recited so many years ago.  The BW team is fueled by a desire to build more than just the structure of a house but to craft distinctive custom homes that embrace the personality and lifestyle of each homeowner. At the heart of our company blueprint is the ability to procure the highest level of master trade and craftsmen, the valiant pursuit of quality materials and the laser-focused coordination of every fine detail. And our signature? Organization and communication. Keeping our clients informed and in step throughout the building process is our number one objective.

Whether you are building a new home, renovating or adding to your existing home, you can rest assured that BW Construction will work diligently to provide quality construction with exceptional customer service. No matter the scope of the project or budget, we are eager to partner with you, to customize solutions and to bring your vision from idea to reality.